Monday, February 11, 2008

Millennium Dreams - A 10-Minute Play (Reading)

Millennium Dreams
By Lisa Snider (Copyright 2008 Lisa Snider)
Required Props: Dog Collar and Toy Globe
Performed as a reading before a packed house on February 9 & 10 by the Theater 150 Actors: Susan: Laura Criswell, Chef and Hiram James: Jim Lashly, Mrs. Royal: Leslie Paxton, Stage Directions and Helium-Drunk Bellmen: Deb Norton (Director and Instructor)

Do you remember where you were on New Year’s Eve 1999? I sure do! It inspired a fictional short story that I published a few years ago. The story still nagged at me, and through this process, I was able to explore it more deeply, create new characters and situations, and see a different, stronger version come to life. My protagonist deals with some harsh realities from the kitchen of a hotel ballroom 15 minutes to midnight. Given that I spent Y2K working in a hotel, this has been, to say the least, cathartic.

If you have problems with viewing the video after it starts playing, hit "pause" and wait for the video to load all the way, then hit "play."

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